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Carpet Cleaning Ely
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Using our expert experience and professional equipment, we offer a carpet cleaning service which in many cases can ensure a longer life for the carpet and bring carpets which look like they need replacing back to a nearly new feel.

Carpet Cleaning Procedure
  • Carefully move any furniture
  • Thoroughly vacuum your carpets to remove any loose dirt and debris
  • Pre-treat stains with relevant and correct solution
  • Administer our Traffic Solution to frequently treaded traffic areas
  • Commence Professional Carpet Cleaning using our manufacture recommended equipment
  • Carpets should be dry within 2 hours (depending on local environment conditions)
  • We supply FREE disposable overshoes on request
*NEW* Flea Treatment

Ely Clean provide a Flea Treatment which is applied after we have professionally clean the carpeted areas. Once treated the solution must be.... FIND OUT MORE >

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