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Oven Cleaning Ely
Professional Oven Cleaning

Using Oven cleaning can be exhausting and time consuming, requiring a great deal of effort and specialised equipment. Our oven and cooker cleaning experts have years of experience, are highly trained and use proven cleaning solutions to get your oven back to sparkling clean.  

A clean oven can extend the life of your oven, reduce electricity running costs and eliminates the risk of burning your food.

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Oven Cleaning Procedure

Step 1:  Our oven cleaning expert will begin with taking out all racks/trays, oven doors and seals (if removable).

Step 2:  All removable parts including racks/trays, knobs and fan will be allowed to soak for 15-20 mins in a solution of water and degreaser.

Step 3:  Ely Clean's oven cleaning technician will then manually scrape away any burned on carbon, grease and grime from the inside of your appliance. 

Step 4:  Your Oven will be reassembled and given a final clean, including wiping and buffing of the inside and outside of your oven.

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